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Our Need for Attachment

Today we wanted to share one of our favorite videos that explains one of a human being’s most basic necessities. At our very core is the need for relationships and attachment.  This need is natural and seen in people from birth and into adulthood.  Check out this quick video that explains what we’re talking about!

Attachment and relationships are things we seek from birth.  And like this video shows, our life is not the same when relationships are lacking in our life.  We’re often afraid of becoming dependent on another person, when in reality what we really need is someone to be able to depend on. Some people already have that relationship and attachment, while others are searching for it or are working on repairing their existing relationship into one that fulfills that need for attachment in their life.  It takes time and care to switch your thinking from the need to be independent to the need for attachment, but it is an important step in finding true peace and happiness in life.  Best of luck with your journey!


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