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Tips for Improving Your Relationships, Part 3

Tips for Improving Your Relationships, Part 3

Last week we started talking about a few ways to better your relationship.  Both better listening and all types of intimacy are important aspects of improving the health, success and happiness of your romantic relationship. Today, in the third part of this series, we wanted to give a few ways to deal with anger and frustration  that may arise in your romantic relationship.

In some situations, anger management or counseling is necessary to heal completely a damaged relationship.  However, whatever the situation, these few tips will help you to better face and diffuse the anger and frustration that often arises in your relationship. The earlier you defuse the anger, the less damage it will do to your relationship and the less frequently it will happen.  

1. Address anger as soon as it arises- as soon as you notice temperatures rising, take a moment to ask your partner what is bothering them and address the situation.

2. Stay calm- if you stay calm–and avoid getting angry yourself–chances are your partner will calm quickly.

3.  Be sure to acknowledge the fact that your partner is angry- if they see that you understands their anger, there is less of a need for them to prove it.  

4. Hand in hand with number 3 is the importance of showing that you are listening.  Use the tips that we talked about in Part I to really show your partner that you are listening and that you care.

5.  Don’t be afraid to share your own feelings on the matter.  Whether you’re also angry, you’re nervous, or sad, share those feelings.  It’s important!

6.  Let your behaviors show your desire to make peace.  Say that you’re sorry and really mean it.

7. If your partner is unreasonably critical, try avoiding an argument all together.  Go along with what they are saying so that they have no reason to be angry. 

8.  In the event that the criticism is accurate, admitting that you’re wrong and quickly apologizing is the fastest way to kill and argument and soothe anger. 


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