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Tips for Improving Your Relationships, Part 2

Tips for Improving Your Relationships, Part 2

Welcome back everyone! On Monday, we talked about the critical role that listening plays in the success of a romantic relationship and we shared a handful of ideas that we’ve come up with over the years to better the way you listen. In part two of this little series, we wanted to talk about intimacy-in all of its forms-in a romantic relationship.

Like any area of your life that you want to improve, there is no need to work on all of these facets at once. So pick one area of relationship intimacy, evaluate it in your relationship, and think about how you could better it. You may be surprised at the powerful impact that one tiny change can make. Relationship intimacy breaks down into these five categories:

1. Emotional intimacy- this means being similar in the ways and situations in which you express emotions.

2. Intellectual intimacy- this means being on the same wavelength about your thoughts and ideas

3. Physical intimacy- being physically close and sharing a meaningful connection through mutual touch and sexual pleasure is a very important to intimacy and the success of romantic relationships.

4. Recreational intimacy- the ability to laugh, relax and enjoy non-essential pursuits is often times overlooked, yet an essential part of a thriving romantic relationships

5. Spiritual intimacy- whether you are religious in traditional sense or take any other outlook on life, having the same passionate belief is central to a romantic relationship.

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