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The Power of Listening

When someone is trusting of another, often they will confide in them when they need to talk about an issue they may be working through or are worried about.  Many people can relate to having a close friend or family member they can approach in a time of need.  Conversely, sometimes that person could be you.

All too often, the common mistake when someone is reaching out to express their struggles, is immediately giving advice or an opinion on their matters soon after they have finished speaking.  Alternatively, fully giving attention and being present without formulating an immediate opinion can be benefiting for the confidant.  Being in tune and paraphrasing what they have said to confirm mutual understanding is an excellent technique and will further reassure the confidant.  Ask them how they feel on what is taking place; is there anything not quite understood about their prognosis?  If they ask what the responding thoughts are, be sincere and empathize.  Very likely the confidant will figure a solution or see the issue from a clearer perspective from their personal articulation-purely from formulating their thoughts into logical words.  The magic of the mind is anything can be imagined in any way shape or form, the laws of the physical world do not govern the mind; as a result, a situation being contemplated can intrinsically be contortioned and foggy.  When said situation has to transfer from the mind to physical verbal or written communication, the lack of boundaries in the mind are removed and the situation is forced into a logical sequential existence.  This is why simply listening as the confident explains their issue aloud will allow itself into clarity.

This idea can also be applied autonomously. Writing one’s self a letter concerning an issue can be a privy perk; again, physically formulating the situation into a new perspective can bring clarity and a solution.

Remember to be supportive, sincere, and present.

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