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Back to School Anxiety

Back to School Anxiety

Summer is coming to an end, which means kids will be starting another school year. Adjusting from a summer to school schedule can be stressful to both parents and children. However, there are ways to make sure your child’s transition back to school runs as smoothly as possible.

Acknowledge your child’s anxiety

Going back to school may induce stress and anxiety for kids, so it’s important to address the apprehension before school starts. Talk to your children about what they’re feeling and why they don’t need to worry as much as they are. Remind them of the fun things that come with a new school year, such as getting a new teacher, seeing friends and making new ones, and learning new things.

Manage your own anxiety

It’s important that you address your anxiety, for the sake of your child and your well being. If you feel anxious and nervous about the school year starting, your child will sense that and feel nervous as well. Set the example for them to stay confident and brave going into the new school year.

Ease back into scheduled days

If your kids have been sleeping in and staying up later this summer, the upcoming school routine may be a shock to them and you. Ease into the school schedule by transitioning to waking up a little earlier each day, starting a week before school. If you and your child slowly transition out of your summer schedule, getting up for the first day of school won’t be as hard on either of you.

Create things to look forward to

This can be beneficial to you and your child for reducing anxiety. Along with reminding them of the fun things that the school year entails, create fun things to look forward to. This could be packing them a fun lunch with new foods to try, going to their favorite store to pick out a new back to school outfit, or planning an activity to do together when they get home from school. You can also create things to look forward to while your kids are at school, such as more free time during the day, or having a better day at work knowing they’re busy at school.

A new school year doesn’t have to be scary. For your child, it’s a new year to grow their minds and build new relationships. They may be reluctant to say goodbye to summer, but as their parent, you can help this transition with these tips. Have a happy school year!


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