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Center for New Directions has a long history of helping individuals, couples, and families to overcome struggles and heal relationships. With offices throughout Southern California Center for New Directions is able to give you the support you need to heal and thrive, wherever you are.


Our approach to counseling stems countless hours of education and experience, and a desire to create lasting changes in our clients lives. We are proud to offer individual, couple, and family counseling sessions, as well as group programs aimed at enabling you to overcome challenges you are faced with. We believe in strengthening one relationship at a time through unique and personally-tailored counseling methods that address the root of your challenges.

Our team of more than 30 therapists is experienced in a variety of specialties, enabling us to work with you to find the right therapist to guide you through challenging times.


We are focused on creating lasting life changes and strengthening relationships. A main focus at Center for New Directions is the healing that comes from addressing sexual addictions and the associated trauma that affects loved ones. We also offer counseling for depression, marital enrichment, anxiety, eating disorders, relationships, addictive behaviors, abuse, teen-related challenges, parenting-related challenges, and anger management.