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The challenges of adolescence – such as poor social skills, falling grades, substance abuse, and defiance – are obvious, yet rarely addressed in a positive and strengthening way. As an alternative to costly and often intimidating individual counseling, our Teen Program provides an active, specialized approach to dealing with the challenges of being a teen.

Our specialized staff works with each teen in the most comfortable environment for them –whether it be skateboarding, online video chats, gaming, or walking on the beach. We work with teens, and their families, within their existing circumstances to help them thrive and find personal success.

Whether the challenges are with social interactions, poor grades, substance abuse, defiance, or any number of teen challenges this program is beneficial to navigating this transitional life period.

Online Telehealth Appointments are now available for teens!

Often it’s hard to get a teen to come to the office. They can now meet with their counselor online. Call us now to make an appointment.